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WIKIMANIA 2022: The Festival Edition! Call for Session Proposals[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Wikimania: The Festival Edition! will be taking place on 11–14 August, 2022. Wikimania is the Wikimedia movement's annual conference celebrating all the free and open knowledge projects made possible by the volunteer community.

This year's Wikimania will bring Wikimedians together to create, celebrate and connect, virtually and with in-person components.

We want to invite you to be part of the program–submit your session proposal to participate at the 17th edition of Wikimania.

Theme[edit | edit source]

The theme for this year’s virtual Wikimania is “The Festival Edition”. We want to celebrate the diversity of our vast community and spotlight regional projects and movement groups.

For Wikimania: The Festival Edition! we are looking for session proposals that are

  • fun, celebratory and engaging.
  • regional: shining a light on communities across the movement through the festivities.
  • and that welcome newcomers: creating a safe space for first-time attendees that illuminates and inspires.

Program Design[edit | edit source]

For this festival program we expect to have a mix of live and on-demand content, hosted in different online ‘tents’ just like at an in-person festival.

  • Main Stage: the space where keynotes, endnotes, entertainment, meet and greet, and other key content will be delivered. We will be having rotational regional segments here to spotlight various projects, individuals and affiliates by region.
  • Movement Groups and Affiliates Tent: a programming track with sessions from Wikimedia movement organizations (chapters, user groups, thematic organizations, and other recognized movement groups). Submissions to this tent are open to all affiliates in the Wikimedia community.
  • Individual/Collective Tent: a programming track with sessions from individual Wikimedians or a collective of individuals. Submissions to this tent are open to everyone–submit to present alone or with a group of co-presenters.
  • Hackathon: as traditionally done - yet with a new twist - the hackathon will have a tent throughout the Wikimania festival for ongoing collaboration and co-working.
  • Networking Tent: Wikimania will have several virtual spaces where attendees can socialize and meet other wikimedians from around the globe and link up to work together on new or established projects. More information will be provided soon.

We will be sharing more about the skeleton for Wikimania’s program design in the next few weeks.

All of the content will be archived once Wikimania 2022 is finished, as it has been done in previous years.

Multilinguality in the Program[edit | edit source]

In the past, Wikimania programs catered to an English speaking audience only. However, we want the festival to welcome participants in the languages they feel most comfortable. Language accessibility at the festival will work as follows:

  • For all sessions (live and pre-recorded) delivered in English, the Wikimedia Foundation will provide live interpretation into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish to enable a bigger audience to join and participate freely. We will be sharing more on how this will look like closer to the event.
  • For all sessions (live and pre-recorded) delivered in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, the Wikimedia Foundation will provide live interpretation into English.
  • In addition to these languages, there will be 1-2 additional supported languages that will rotate on a daily basis. Sessions delivered in English will receive interpretation into the 1-2 rotating languages for that day, and sessions delivered in the rotating languages will receive interpretation into English on those days. More information to come about rotating language support, including which languages will be offered.
  • Speakers are free to deliver sessions in other languages, but we can’t offer interpretation support at this moment.

We recognize that we will not be able to accommodate every single person and community, but we have learned from the Movement Strategy process how important multilingualism is and we want to keep improving our language approach. Thanks to all who provided their feedback in the community survey.

Design and Submit your Session[edit | edit source]

Want to present at Wikimania 2022? Here is some guidance on what the Core Organizing Team is looking for.

Session Topics[edit | edit source]

We want to encourage sessions on a wide array of topics, as there are many cross-cutting themes that affect all of our communities. Keeping with the focus areas of the festival, we ask you to design sessions that are fun, that spotlight regional work, or that welcome newcomers.

Within those focus areas, you may choose to present on topics like Education and GLAM, Innovation and Research, Gender, Diversity and Inclusion, Regional Partnerships, Language, Community Health, and more.

Session format[edit | edit source]

Our festival welcomes all types of sessions from community members. Different session types correspond to different amounts of time in the program:

  • Roundtable or Panel Discussion (45 minutes)
    • Conversations between a small group of speakers, usually with a facilitator. The facilitator can choose to involve the audience throughout or during a question and answer portion.
  • Workshops (45 - 90 minutes)
    • Let’s get our hands dirty! Workshops are hands-on opportunities to learn and create things together.
  • Tutorial (45 minutes)
    • Walk attendees through the steps, workflow and processes of a specific skill, project, topic or task.
  • Lightning Talk (5- 15 minutes)
    • Short lectures - big ideas! Share short yet impactful ideas with attendees and have a Q&A afterwards.
  • Case study (30 minutes)
    • Showcase impactful work from your community! How did this serve your community or projects? What did you learn from this work?
  • Lecture (30 minutes)
    • A traditional talk given by a speaker.
  • Social Gathering (Performances, Songs, games, theater, picnics, etc) (You specify the amount of time needed)
    • Let’s have FUN! Have a great, crazy or “weird” idea? Submit it here! We are looking to integrate lots of sessions like this into the program, so please get creative!
  • Virtual/Local Breakouts (You specify the amount of time needed)
    • Joining the in-person meetups and the virtual attendees in co creating a space for work, fun and play.
  • Other (You specify the amount of time needed)
    • Have another wild format not listed here? Feel free to submit your own proposal of a format.

As part of choosing the format, submitters can decide whether their session will be live or pre-recorded.

  1. Live Session: You will host your session live, which would allow for live contributions, questions and dialogue from the attendees. We encourage as many session hosts  as possible to choose live and interactive sessions that engage the audience and offer a space to co-create.
  2. Pre-Recorded Session: You will record your session ahead of time and send it to us to live stream it at Wikimania 2022. This option reduces the amount of attendee interaction you would have with your content, but you can also host a live dialogue or Q&A after your recorded session.

Your submission[edit | edit source]

Please fill out this application to submit your session for consideration.

The application accepts traditional submission formats as well as non-traditional submission formats like videos, slide decks, idea boards, and audio (if you present video or audio, no more than 2 minutes).

Submission format[edit | edit source]

You will be asked for some information related to your submission that you can prepare ahead of time:

  • Abstract: at most 750 characters
  • Choose the language for your block: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, Other: Please list your response
  • Learning outcomes:
Explain 3-5 takeaways your audience and listeners will have after joining this block
Please write at most 500 characters.
  • Level of expertise expected from participants :
Choose one of the following answers
No previous experience at all
Basic understanding of Wikimedia
Medium understanding for this topic/field
Advance understanding of this topic/field
  • Your speaker biography: Please write at most 300 characters

You can view the privacy statement here.

While your session will be eligible to receive language support during Wikimania, we ask that your session submission be done in English in order for all session reviewers to be able to read through submissions, and accurately review.

Wondering whether you’re prepared to speak at Wikimania?[edit | edit source]

Whether you have been active in the movement for years or months, or whether you are an experienced public speaker or this is your first time speaking to a large audience, we want to hear from you. For Wikimania 2022, the Community Development team at the Wikimedia Foundation has created a Speaker Training program that will help prepare all speakers, and the Core Organizing Team will be available to support you throughout.

Important Dates and Information[edit | edit source]

Task Deadline
Submission open 09 May 2022
Submission close 14th June 2022
Submission period open 5 weeks
Review 10 June 2022 - 24 June 2022 (2 weeks)
Decision communicated to submitter 27 June 2022 - 15 July 2022

Get help[edit | edit source]

Reading all of this information has probably left you with questions. We will be hosting office hours to give you answers. More information on when and how to engage with us will be provided next week.

In the meantime, you can leave your questions for the Core Organizing Team on this talk page or by emailing