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Wikimania sessions[edit source]

SDG 1 SDG 2 SDG 3 SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 6 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 9 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 12 SDG 13 SDG 14 SDG 15 SDG 16 SDG 17
Session No poverty Zero hunger Good health and well-being Quality education Gender equality Clean water and sanitation Affordable and clean energy Decent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Reduced inequalities Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production Climate action Life below water Life on Land Peace, justice and strong institutions Partnerships for the goals Cultural heritage
1 3 11 73 17 3 2 3 61 49 30 17 5 6 7 26 70 5
10 years of Wikimedia RU contests and problems of international cooperation during the pandemic on the example of the WikiUral 2020 contest x x x
100 years of Weather Observations from the Meteorological Service of Canada in Wikimedia Commons x x x x x x
A future Wikimedia Language Diversity hub x x x
A Gift to the Commons: Public Value Broadcasters x x
A Grand Tour of Europe x x x
A New Open GLAM Program at Creative Commons x x
A review on ' Research on Wikipedia' x x
A variety of approaches to teaching students in Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, Wiki camp and beyond) x
Add a pinch of Wikidata to your web browser: Entity Explosion x x
Adding content of unknown regions (Algerian experience) x x x
After the lifting of the block: Case study of Turkey x x x
An overview of the COVID-19-related content of Wikimedia projects x
Arabic Wikimedians User Group: Connecting Past, Present, and Future x x
Art+Feminism: Beyond the Edit-a-thon x
Attracting experts to contribute to Wikimedia movement x x
Automatically maintained citations with Wikidata and Cite Q x
Boosting GLAM partnerships with technology and statistics x x
Bridging content gaps through large-scale campaigns: International Wiki Loves Earth and Ukrainian WikiGap x x x
Building a successful Wikimedia Community of African students x x
Building a Wikimedia Community: an example of Wikimedians of DRCongo User Group x
Can we rid Wikipedia of its content gender gap? Views from Women in Red x
Celebrating the Wikipedia Education Program x
Celebratory Toast and Social Time x
Changing the self censoring tradition: One librarian at a time x
Co-creating pedagogical strategies with teachers: Wikimedia Chile’s Education program experience during Covid-19 pandemic x x
Come on, It’s Wikipedia, not Westeros: A Brief Introduction to the Wikipedia Conspiracy Theory in Japan x
Community content planning for lesser-resourced wikis x x
Conflict Resolution: Collective Responsibility x
Conservation through knowledge sharing x x x
Contribution Gamification in Wikimedia Projects - The Chinese Wikipedia Experience x x
Cook-along: Drunken Noodles x x x
Cook-along:Beef Fillet with Truffle Pomme Pureé x x x
Copyright Trolling and the Commons x
cOSMopolIT - Diversity and Inclusion within OpenStreetMap Italy x
Creating a tool that lets people listen to Wikipedia x
Creating a Wiki Time Capsule and the first 24 hour Global Edit-a-thon x x
Creative Commons license stewardship: 20 years and beyond. x x x x
Cross-wiki ideological conflict and Wikimedia's vision of knowledge equity x x x x
Data connection and application of public-private collaboration x x
Developing a strategy, involving the entire organization x x x
Do Something Doctrine - looking back on the Terrorist Content Regulation in EU x x
Documenting for Diversity: The Case of 1000 Women in Religion x x
Documenting social movements through the Wikimedia Projects: Argentina, Chile and Colombia experiences x x x x
Documenting Women Artists in the University of Salford Art Collection Through Wikidata x x
Domain Specific Content Generation using Human Bot Collaboration x
Dynamic history map x x
East African regional commitments for the future, a human collaborative reality x x
Editing the Wiki Way: software and the future of editing x x
Editing with machine learning: a case study on link recommendations x
Education, Wikimedia Projects and Digital Literacy during COVID-19 Pandemic x x
Email campaigning for onboarding new volunteers x x x
Engaging with partners in the movement! WMF's approach x
English as a lingua franca of the Wikimedia movement: how do we ensure people's inclusion? x x x
Excerpts: Modular and Reusable Content within Wikipedia x x
Experiences of organizing Tamil Wikipedia 16 Years Celebrations x
Exploring a cultural gap on Wikimedia: the case of the visual arts x x
Exploring the possibility of outreach in Asia x x
For Grandmas, Girls and GLAM-Queens: WomenEdit x
Free music on Wikipedia x
From Encyclopedia to Big Data: Past, present and future of Wikipedia data as a research source x
From the Brussels War Room: Current Legislative Files Important for Wikimedia x x
Full coverage of copyright status in heritage institutions x
Gawa, the new tool for centralizing biographies to be created and improved in Côte d'Ivoire x x x
Gender inequalities in the Catalan Wikipedia categories x
GLAM Collaboration and Global Competitions: The India Office Records (IOR) Wikimedia Project and the Two Centuries of Indian Print Project (2CIP) at the British Library x x
GLAMs and Open Access: The Met Museum and the Smithsonian Institution as Case Studies x x
GLAMWiki Tour (Africa) x x
GLAMWiki Tour (Western Australia) x x
Global templates, component templates x x
Hack4OpenGLAM 2021 - Co-creation event for learning, problem-solving and aligning action x x
How banner campaigns can be requested to reach marginalized groups or contents x x x
How can I help? Reviving a wiki of which I do not speak the language x x x
How The Wikipedia Library can help you write great articles x
How to find tools to improve your workflows x
How to innovate in free knowledge? – New pathways to promote new projects and attract innovators for free knowledge from across the world x x
How to to fight without anything... but facts! x x
How Wiki Education Foundation promotes knowledge equity x x
Imagine a World! 20 minutes concerning my PhD thesis on Wikimedia Movement x
Imagine all images described: Alternative text to images as cohesively structured data on Commons x x
Importance of reliable sources: citing dictionaries, glossaries and atlas as an example x x
Inclusive Product Development: Building With, Not For x x x x
Increase viewership of Kannada Wikipedia: QR Code project for Indian medicinal plants x x x
Indicators for the Wikimedia Projects x
Integrating Wikidata into the Wikimedia projects x x
Internet Archive and Wikimedia: a virtuous collaboration x x
Introducing Curated Commons: A social curation plattform for freely licensed images x x x
Inuka projects: designing products for users in growing Wikimedia communities x
Joining forces to increase the knowledge of our native species x x
Just one article can change one’s judgement x x
Knowledge Creation and Wellbeing x x
Knowledge Equity – A Collection of Voices to Pave the Path x x
Large Scale Wikimedia Projects and Consistency x x
Lingua Libre: What is it and how to take part in it? x
Magic as an educational and promotional tool of Wikimedia projects x x
Making collection data collaborative x x
Making feedback loops work for Wikidata x
Making it easier to cite sources using WikiCite x x
Makumbusho: a powerful tool to mobilize local communities and facilitate partnerships with Museums x x
Mapping the present and future of the Wiki philosophy: challenges and opportunities x
Moderator Tools on Medium-sized Wikimedia projects x
Movement Strategy 2021 Crash Course x
Neat and tidy: data quality on Wikidata x x x
Newcomer Experience and Content Campaigns x
Notability under non justice information x
OCR and other tools for Wikisource x x
One country in six pictures x
One Thousand and One WikiProjects (Perspectives) x x x
Open data partnerships in 2021: challenges and future opportunities for collaboration x
Open History Map-Contextualizing in the past with modern tools x x
Organizing Wiki Education Program as a Non-credited Work: Motivation is the Pillar x
Partnerships for content, on a global level x
Peer-support networks - a working model for the support of targets of harassment in the Wikimedia movement? x x
Photography documentation of built heritage of rural West Bengal for Wikimedia Commons x x x
Preventing misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic: How Wikipedia, public health experts, and news media can collaborate to share trustworthy knowledge in times of crisis x x x
Product Platform Strategy from the Wikimedia Foundation x
Providing alternative uncluttered text version of articles: context and overview x
Quiz x
Raising the voices of indigenous communities from Latin America through Wikimedia Projects x x
Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom - learning from a pilot project in Bolivia, Morocco and the Philippines x x
RedWarn and improving Wiki counter vandalism into the 2020's x x x
Reflecting on the Past, Present and the Future x x
Revisiting the AfroCROWD Juneteenth Wiki Civil Rights Conference of 2020 x
Science and storytelling: Why who we talk about matters x
Searching for similar sentences within Wikipedia articles x
Section Translation-New Ways to Contribute on Mobile Devices x
Sharing decolonization strategies throughout Wikimedia projects x x
Shortcutting the Identify topics for impact recommendation by reusing free content x
SongDivision x
Spotting and understanding translated material in Wikipedia articles x x
State of GLAM Wiki in 2021 x x
Structured data on Commons: today and tomorrow x
Supporting a gentle discussion - Can we raise awareness through research results to bring about change? x x
Talking about Son Jarocho in wikipedia x
The achievement of Hausa Wikimedians x
The Afrocine Project: Learnings from organizing a Pan-African Campaign x x
The Catalan Challenge: Amical Wikimedia's role in knitting diverse geographical areas and people together x x
The experience of Emirati User group projects x x
The experiences of WikiGap and WikiForHumanRights. Working with UN experts on topics for impact x x x
The Future of Wikimania x x x x
The statistics of steward elections and Wikipedia RFAs x x
The top 9 things to know about safety and inclusion at Wikimedia online events x x x
The Wikimedia Foundation in conversation with community members x x
Thematic weeks as a tool for strengthening the community x x x
To translate or not to translate by the machine is the question x
Towards a more environmentally sustainable Wikimedia Movement x x x x x
Transposing the EU Copyright Reform in 28+ countries x x
Universal Code of Conduct Roundtable x
Upcoming desktop design and usability improvements: updates and brainstorm x
Upcoming Project: Empowering Wikimedia strategies through SDGs Implementation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region x x
VisibleWikiWomen community meetup: how far we’ve come, what future we want to build together x
We write Wikipedia. Participation of women in the free and collaborative encyclopedia on the Internet x
Welcome session x
What do you eat intermediary liability with? x x
Where are the Spanish-speaking references on the front page of Wikipedia in Spanish? x
Where to talk about Education? Education community participation spaces and more x
Wiki Ghonya (how to promote free knowledge using modern music) x
Wiki Kouman x x x
Wiki Loves Monuments: Beyond the campaign x x
Wiki Loves Women Focus Group Members programme x
WikiAfrica Hour: The Xperience x
WikiBarta - A "zero budget" community magazine for motivating Bengali wikimedia contributors x x
WikiBreathing: how communities respond to changes in public engagement with wikis x x x
WikiCite-Recent achievements, what happens next? x x x
Wikidata: What happened? Where are we going? x x x x
WikiEducation Approach and GLAM Activities of Wikimedia Armenia x x x
WikiFemales - To exceed Geographic borders x x
Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia x x x
Wikilearn: pilot results and open questions on a new online learning platform for the movement x x
Wikimedia and GLAM in the Global South x x
Wikimedia and Sustainability-Selecting topics for impact x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Wikimedia Australia x x x x
Wikimedia belongs in Education - but how? x
Wikimedia Community in Nigeria: Highlight of our works and the celebration of the people behind the success stories; Challenges, Solutions and Impacts. x x
Wikimedia Enterprise: a sneak preview of the APIs and features x x x x
Wikimedia Legal History: Past Practice and Future Trends x
Wikimedia Movement and the Paradox of Open
Wikimedia Poland: Building a Holistic Support Infrastructure x x x
Wikimedian of the Year 2021
Wikimedians for Sustainable Development User Group: Looking at Sustainability Through Wikimedia Lenses x x x x x x x x x x
Wikipedia 20: a collaborative collage x
Wikipedia and academic journals x x x x x
Wikipedia and the Collaborative Humanities x x
Wikipedia and the Weird: covering humorous and unusual topics with respect and fairness x x
Wikipedia is Gamified: Prove me wrong x
Wikipedia20, 15 ans d’engagement bénévole au service de la connaissance libre en Côte d’Ivoire x x
Wikipedian in Residence in the Battle for Cultural Heritage x
Wikispore and Innovating Free Knowledge x x x
Women's Biographies, beyond Wikipedia: Wikibooks! x x x x
1 3 11 73 17 3 2 3 61 49 30 17 5 6 7 26 70 5
SDG 1 SDG 2 SDG 3 SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 6 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 9 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 12 SDG 13 SDG 14 SDG 15 SDG 16 SDG 17

Wikimedia activities[edit source]

Wikimedia Activity Link Type SDG 1 SDG 2 SDG 3 SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 6 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 9 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 12 SDG 13 SDG 14 SDG 15 SDG 16 SDG 17 '
No poverty Zero hunger Good health and well-being Quality education Gender equality Clean water and sanitation Affordable and clean energy Decent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Reduced inequalities Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production Climate action Life below water Life on Land Peace, justice and strong institutions Partnerships for the goals
1 4 5 15 4 0 1 4 6 13 13 6 6 2 3 5 10 98
WikiProject Covid-19 content (on-wiki) x x x x x x
Wiki Loves Monuments x
Wiki Loves Earth x x x
Wikidata Menu Challenge [1] x x
Wikipedia Wants Pictures
Art+Feminism editathon x x x x
blocking a spammer x x x x
WP:MED x x x
Wiki Education Program x x x
Wikipedia Library x x x
Annual reports x x x
Publish annual plans x x x
Fashion editathon [2] x
sending a thank you x
add a reference to a page about poverty x x x x x x
vote in steward elections x x x
talk to your botanical garden about a partnership x x x x x x
build a Listeria table for Women in Red x x x
take a photograph of a Fridays for Future event and put it into a Wikipedia article x x x
Wiki Loves Heritage (Belgium) x x x
Extract images from a journal special issue on hunger and put them up on Commons x x x x
at an in-person event, organize vegan food x x x x x
have online meetings x x x x x
work from home x x x
EduWiki camp event (off-wiki) x x x x x
WikiSdgsArabia x x
unconference meetings
Wiki Loves Africa x
Wiki Loves Women Focus Group x
Wiki Challenge Ecoles d'Afrique x x x
WikiFundi x
Kiwix x x x
Document all dams x
Open Food Facts on Wikidata x x
Document butterflies x
Open Database of all Citations
1 4 5 15 4 0 1 4 6 13 13 6 6 2 3 5 10 98
Wikimedia Activity Link Type SDG 1 SDG 2 SDG 3 SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 6 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 9 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 12 SDG 13 SDG 14 SDG 15 SDG 16 SDG 17 '