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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
Diversity. Collaboration. Future.

An interactive program is available on Eventyay, where you can add sessions to your personal calendar and see more info about speakers. The source copy of the program is on Pretalx.

Kumbuka kwamba

  • Kumbi za mikutano, vyumba 324, 325 na 311 vina urushaji wa matukio wa moja kwa moja na huduma ukalimani wa moja kwa moja utapatikana.
  • Vyumba 309, 310, na 326 vitarusha matukio moja kwa moja pekee, hakuna huduma ya ukalimani wa lugha wa moja kwa moja.
  • Rooms 307 and 308 are not live streamed and at some sessions, taking photos and videos are not allowed. No livestream out to virtual event platform, no recording. Speakers can still dial-in to present remotely.
  • Room 308 is designated as Tools Lab & Hacking Space most of the conference period.